The Vampire God Meets His End


With only one week since the expansion released, we’ve finally put an end to the dark reign of Mayong Mistmoore and cleared Solteris. Congratz all on the superb clear!

The vampire god has been slain!

In an instant you are almost blinded by a sudden increase in the light all around you. A clap of thunder rocks the island under your feet and you somehow know in your bones that the darkness that cloaked Norrath has at last been lifted due to your actions this day!

As the vampire Mayong Mistmoore lies dead on the ground his features begin to shrivel slowly and then more and more rapidly as if time were doing the cruel work of centuries upon the self-styled god. Mayong’s body seems to fall in on itself, reduced to little more than a husk. You hear, as if from a great distance, a tiny wail of frustration and pain that seems to fade away into nothingness. All around you the light seems just a bit brighter and you sense that somehow the darkness that surrounded this creature of the night has been fully removed from the world.

The disembodied voice of Mayong Mistmoore speaks softly. ‘As I said before, you are exceptional beings, far more exceptional than I ever imagined. You have undone me when I thought no force ever could.’

The disembodied voice of Mayong Mistmoore continues. ‘It is a relief, in a way, to be free from the burdens of immortality. But I am sure mortality will begin to chaffe again soon enough…’