Lord Koi & Lady Mirenilla Defeated


Congrats to our members on the following gear upgrades!

Ancient Tarnished Chain Gauntlets – Dayakar
Ancient Tarnished Chain Bracer – Dayakar
Ancient Tarnished Plate Boots – Spaulding
Ancient Silk Turban – Spaulding
Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots – Grav
Ancient Wyvern Hide Sleeves – Meet
Ikatiar’s Stinger – Qutter
Bracelet of the Sky – Jeski
Bracelet of the Sky – Grav
Twisted Steel Gauntlets – Cyban
Mask of Fall – Azuyen
Mask of Fall – Messiah
Reaper’s Ring – Krampus
Barrier of Sound – Sylex
Ancient Pirate’s Eyepatch – Noge
Ancient Pirate’s Eyepatch – Footlose
Net of the Deep Sea – Cyban
Shield of the Wurms – Rasko
Frostwrath – Krampus
Mithril Gauntlets – Kweglar
Shawl of Perception – Omnomchomp


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