Welcome to KnK!

Welcome to KnK!

<Kith and Kin> is an established raiding guild on the EverQuest Mangler server. Founded in March 2019, we bring together both veteran and new players who enjoy a positive, friendly, helpful atmosphere with lots of others to share the adventure.

For us, playing a game should be fun, every time. It shouldn’t be a chore, or a requirement for membership. We know that real life comes first and raiding is not mandatory.

If you are new to EverQuest, newly returned after a long absence, or a continuing player interested in the challenges of playing EverQuest content once again, feel free to join us for fun, fellowship, and maybe a little experience and loot as well!

What's New

About Kith and Kin

Kith and Kin is a very active and growing guild on Mangler. Founded as a casual guild, we have since turned to raiding with more focus. We will always welcome new folks to the fold to experience it with us.

We welcome all levels and playstyles, from casual to hardcore, but we are definitely in need of a few active raiders to round out our roster. We currently make great progress by filling our raids with active mains and a few of our boxes, but we’d love to bench them to make a spot for a new face!

We don’t fuck with botters (boxers are just fine), scammers, griefers, or other folks looking to ruin another person’s fun. We’re adults and we’re respectful. We’re here to have fun but not at the expense of others. We have a family atmosphere, just with a few more F words thrown in.

We run a simple silent-bid DKP system for loot distribution during official guild events.

Atmosphere: K&K is typically family-friendly, but we don’t impose any restrictions on speech outside of things directly related to bigotry and hate speech (we’re not the thought police but we also expect our members to be respectful). As a result, chat channels (text and voice) are usually PG13 and cross into R territory with regular frequency. Many of us are good friends by this point, and we’ve been known to hang out in Discord and be hilariously inappropriate. Bottom line: everyone from your kids to your gramma is welcome here, but just know that we go from Disney channel to a Tarantino movie pretty quickly sometimes.


We’ve recently had an amazing influx of new folks to the guild, and while we are always open to new faces, our current “most needed” classes are below. If your class is not listed don’t let that discourage you – we will always bench a box in favor of a main.


class 1 BardMed
class 2 BeastlordLow
class 2 BerserkerHigh
class 15 ClericHigh
class 16 DruidHigh
class 4 EnchanterLow
class 5 MagicianMed
class 6 MonkClosed
class 7 NecromancerLow
class 8 PaladinLow
class 9 RangerLow
class 10 RogueMed
class 11 Shadow KnightLow
class 12 ShamanHigh
class 13 WarriorLow
class 14 WizardLow